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Book of the Dead

Cornwell, Patricia
Lucy treats a couple of kids at a cancer clinic to a spin around the parking lot in her rented Ferrari, and Kay threatens to burn down an old lady's house. Oh, and a bunch of people end up dead, and no ones' relationships are satisfactorily resolved. Sure are a lot of brand-names mentioned. I guess writing "Zodiac" is more intimate than "rubber-bottomed boat".


Got my own filing system ... Sort of like the Dewey decibel system. (pg. 63)

Some Fancy Stuff:

Agusta Brutale motorcycle -- Lucy's bike.
Lancia automobile -- Dr. Moroni's car.
Ferrari F430 Spider -- Lucy's rental.
Cessna Citation X -- Lucy's plane.
Indian Roadmaster motorcycle -- Marino's ride.
Glock 40 cal. -- Marino's pistol.
Smith & Wesson .357 -- Marino's other pistol.
Glock -- Lucy's ankle gun.