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The Tin Princess

Pullman, Phillip
I enjoyed this very much. Adelaide marries a prince and gets involved in the political machinations of the times.

Words I Had To Look Up:

morganatic (pg.40) -- Of or denoting a marriage in which neither the spouse of lower rank nor any children have any claim to the possessions or title of the spouse of higher rank.
birdlime (pg. 75) -- A sticky substance spread on twigs to trap small birds.
charlotte a la parisienne (pg. 160) -- Seems to be a dessert of complicated heritage.


..."Look, can't we just shoot the guard and run for it?"
"If there any shooting, I'll do it. But not guards. He's just doing what's he's told. Mind you, he's not doing what I tell him. Perhaps I will shoot him."... -- pg. 213