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Eight Cousins

Alcott, Louisa May
An orphan, Rose, goes to live with her new guardian, Uncle Alec, a bunch of aunts, and those seven cousins.

Words I Had To Look Up:::

you know hasheesh is the extract of hemp? (pg. 46) -- The things you learn in a children's book!
pigeon English (pg. 76) -- Pidgin English is a simplified form of English used by certain peoples of E Asia and the South Pacific in dealing with foreigners.
could you lend me a ninepence? (pg. 83) -- A New England name for the Spanish real, a coin formerly current in the United States, as valued at twelve and a half cents. Which doesn't really clear things up. This takes place around 1875, I think.
I am a quiddle (pg. 132) -- One who wastes his energy about trifles.
Babes in the woods (gp. 155) -- Another of those awful folk tales where children die. In the woods.
in a promiscuous heap (pg. 224) -- Casual; irregular; haphazard. Used twice by the author!
making a little Casabianca of herself (pg. 243) -- From the poem of the same name, about a young boy who would not desert his post on a warship. And perished.


for, though we do not want trumpets to be blown, we do like to have our little virtues appreciated, and cannot help feeling disappointed if they are not. (pg. 117)


Dr. Alec ordered her to lie on the sofa for a fortnight at least, whereat she groaned dismally, but dared not openly complain, lest the boys turn upon her with some of the wise little sermons on patience which she had delivered for their benefit. (pg. 165)