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An Old-Fashioned Girl

Alcott, Louisa May
Country-girl Polly comes to Boston to visit her rich friend Fanny. Several weeps near the end. Needs a lexicon, though!

Words I Had To Look Up:

Opydilldock is first-rate for sprains. (pg. 76) -- Opodeldoc is a liniment attributed to the physician Paracelsus, which camphor and herbs in it.
"Now, Maud, bring on the citron;" (pg. 289) -- A fragrant citrus fruit, used mostly for its rind, rather than being eaten like an orange.


"Bright boy! here's a plum for you," and Polly threw a plump raisin into his mouth.
"Put in lots, won't you? I'm rather fond of plumcake," observed Tom... (pg. 288) -- Plums are raisons? Aha! One of the definitions for plum is a raisin when added to a cake or pudding!