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The Academy

Pearson, Ridley
Steven "Steel" Trapp in invited to attend his FBI father's alma mater prep school where he finds mysterious goings-on going on.


...a group of car batteries had collected, all but one dead. (pg. 46) -- A pile of dead car batteries in their living space, plus one recharged by a solar cell? Hydrogen gas, anyone?
For a moment there was no sound in the room, except for a vague humming from the battery. (pg. 52) -- I don't like the sound of that!
The girls wore stretch-fabric bike shorts...(pg. 139) Were they PADDED bike shorts? Sorry, pet peeve,
He reach the rebar ladder leading up into the chapel... (pg. 184) -- I thought in was STEPS back on page 169.
Mrs. D. could then buy them two of same make and model [radio], allowing them to listen in on everything said between the staff. (pg. 212) -- As long as they are set to the same frequency, which could be one of AT LEAST dozens. Not that hard to figure out with a scanner and frequency counter, but then one wouldn't need the same brand and model now, would one? Or just use a scanner!
"Do you have any clue what we're supposed to be doing in Boston?", he asked. (pg. 289) -- Boston? BOSTON? First I've heard of it!.