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Westlake, Donald
Freddie gets turned invisible, which has its good points, as he is a burglar, and its bad points, as it freaks out his girlfriend. And then there all those people who want to use him for their own nefarious projects... With a cigarette company playing a central part in this story, one would think there would be some good Smoke Quotes.

Words I Had To Look Up:

Oriel -- A bay window projecting from an upper floor. (pg. 98)
Boniface -- The keeper of an inn, hotel, nightclub, or eating establishment.(pg. 107)
Ferslugginer -- Confounded, darned, wretched.(pg. 118)


It was a thirty-gear bike, a virtual thesaurus entry of power and speed, adaptable to any terrain known to man; there was probably a gear for going across ceilings. (pg. 354)


Around the curve he went, shifted into the good-level-road gear, and hit forty-five without working up a sweat.(pg. 358)